Marc Fraile

PhD Candidate, Uppsala University

Uppsala Social Robotics Lab; Vi3; Department of Information Technology

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About Me

I am a PhD candidate at Uppsala University, working on Computer Vision applied to Social Robotics. My project, "Explainable deep learning methods for human-human and human-robot interaction", aims to use modern end-to-end techniques to detect and analyse emotional alignment during social interactions. The long-term goal is to apply these findings to social robots, so we can improve their conversational skills.

My project is funded by Uppsala University's Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics (CIM), and by the Swedish Research Council's ELECTRA project (grant no. 2020-03167). I am a member of the Uppsala Social Robotics Lab (USRL), as well as Methods for Image Data Analysis (MIDA).


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  • Fraile, M., Fawcett, C., Lindblad, J., Sladoje, N., & Castellano, G. "End-to-End Learning and Analysis of Infant Engagement During Guided Play: Prediction and Explainability." Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction. (Conference) [DOI] [Code]
  • Fraile, M., Lindblad, J., Fawcett, C., Sladoje, N., & Castellano, G. "Automatic analysis of infant engagement during play: An end-to-end learning and Explainable AI pilot experiment." Companion Publication of the 2021 International Conference on Multimodal Interaction. (Workshop) [DOI]